Sunday, May 1, 2011

Garlic Kebap


In my hometown,when fresh garlics come out (in spring), all the families cook garlic kebap.
It is really healthy and delicious!


Ground lamb meat (200 gr per person , in the picture there is 600 gr ground lambmeat)
salt, chili powder, red pepper
Fresh garlics (2 kg fresh garlic, but when you cut the head of garlic, it will stay as 600 gr )

Cut the head of fresh garlics.
In a bowl knead ground lamb meat
salt, chili powder, red pepper
Your meat is now marinated.
Make the meat as a meatball.

Cut one garlic in halves(inside up). Put one garlic in halves and one meatball and one garlic in halves and one meatball like in the picture.
You can either put in a skewer and grill it on a hot flame or put in a heat proof pan but do not forget to oil spray and broil indoor in an oven.

Serve with shepherd's salad and with lavash

Oh boy,It was hard! If there is anything not clear in this recipe do not hesitate to write. I hope to be better on writing recipe within the future.



t said...

What is the difference between fresh garlic and green garlic and regular garlic??

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