Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shepherd's Salad

When I cook I never measure. I know it is really hard for some people who just started cooking.

In Turkey, during summer me and my family love to cook this easy salad.
Why we make this salad during summer? Because the tomatos are really delicous during summer.

It is called in Turkish Çoban Salata, when we translate it is called Shepherd's salad.


2-3 big tomatoes
4 small cucumber (small cucumbers has better taste than the bigger ones)
1 green pepper
1 big onion
dried mint powder
good quality olive oil (extra virgin)
fresh lemon juice
chili powder

Chop tomatoes, cucumbers and green pepper like dice.
Chop smaller the onion and add some salt on it and then squeeze it. İt will make onion softer.
Chop off parsley
In a big bowl, mix them all. Add olive oil, lemon juice, died mint powder, salt and chili powder .Mix them again.

Here it is, healty and yummy...


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