Monday, May 2, 2011

Green Apple Dessert

Last week, my mom had guests and when she was preparing the meal for them, I was thinking, what can I do for them as a dessert. Her friend had diebetic so, then it made everthing harder and harder.

Nowadays, green apples are my favorite and since I was a kid,I love anything but apple.

This is a dessert I read some newspaper in Turkey.(I read, I take notes when I see an easy recipe) Easy, tasty and healthy so what do I want more?


An apple per person (do not peel it)
cinnamon powder
crushed walnut (1 tablespoon for each apple)
Raisins (seedless)(1/2 tablespoon for each apple)
Apple juice

With a sharp knife carve the middle of the apple, take out the seeds. Don't forget, do not peel the apples.

In a bowl, mix crushed walnut, seedless raisins and cinnamon.

Now stuff the apples with the mixture prepared.

Put apples in a heat proof pan.Pour 1 tablespoon apple juice for each apple.
Cover with tinfoil. Cook 30 min in 175 C Degree.In 30 min, take off the tinfoil and cook for another 15 min without tinfoil.

It is ready.

On saturday, I will take the picture of each step and post it.

Mom's Note: Don't peel the apples, when I cooked it, I peeled 2 of my green apples, but they did not cook as well as the other apples.

You can serve with an ice cream if you are not on a diet :)

Bon appetit!


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