Friday, June 17, 2011

Have you ever heard of loquat kebab?

If you like sweet and sour tastes, this dish is just for you.

600 gr ground meat
1 kg loquat

Take the seed of loquats. Divide into two. (Do not peel the loquats)
Mix ground meat with salt and pepper and make meatballs.
Put two loquats in halves and one meatball and two loquats in halves and one meatball like in the picture.

You can either put in a skewer and grill it on a hot flame or put in a heat proof pan but do not forget to oil spray and broil indoor in an oven.



rosehearted said...

bloğunuzu severek takip ediyorum siz de beni takibe alırsanız çok sevinirim:

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